Aug 24, 2022Information
Toray Carbon Magic Participates in Commercial Lunar Exploration Program as a Supporting Company
Jun 4, 2021Information
Ultra-lightweight Solar Plane : The Winner of JEC Innovation Award
Dec 25, 2020Information
JEC Composites Magazine Special Prize Wining
Jun 22, 2020Information
Development of Solar plane with full composite body flame
Jun 1, 2020Challenge project
The running blades for top-athletes in Xiborg
Apr 21, 2020Information
Introduction of the development for a large lighting equipment with a CFRP structure
at the dining of Raffles Hotel Singapore
Jan 21, 2020Challenge project
Victory for Ricky Brabec and Honda at the Dakar 2020
Nov 22, 2019InformationChallenge project
Announcement of Super GT x DTM Dream Race in Fuji Speedwey
Oct 25, 2019Information
Kazuya Adachi is announced as the representative of the TOKYO Olympic game for canoe slalom
Oct 18, 2019Challenge project
Tokai University Wins Second Place in Bridgestone World Solar Challenge
Oct 3, 2019InformationChallenge project
DTM meets SUPER GT !
Apr 18, 2019Information
Company profile (version 2019) has been released
Apr 10, 2019Information
Announcement of a new material “AERO Carbon” for travel case
by The UK luxury brand GLOBE-TROTTER in Japan
Mar 25, 2019Challenge project
“ItoP” Final test with historic EV in shiga
Dec 27, 2018Challenge project
“ItoP” Driving Test Report
Dec 21, 2018Challenge project
We support the Monster Energy Honda Team that will participate in the Dakar Rally 2019.
Dec 10, 2018Information
“Nissan Leaf Nismo RC” of which we cooperated in the development is released to the press.
Dec 3, 2018Information
English website was released.
Nov 8, 2018Release
Notice Regarding Stock Acquisition of Mooncraft Co., Ltd.
Sep 28, 2018ReleaseChallenge project
Completed an innovative concept car utilizing our new material "Shinayaka polymer"
Jan 5, 2018Challenge project
Toray Carbon Magic supports the Monster Energy Honda Team that will participate in the Dakar Rally 2018.
Oct 10, 2017Challenge project
The final selection of the World Solar Challenge that extends for 3000km starts.
Oct 5, 2017Challenge project
Shitamachi Bobsleigh Project releases a new model to the public.
Sep 25, 2017Challenge project
Our Super Ketta Machine 162 participated in the international competition World Human Powered Speed Challenge again.
Apr 11, 2017Release
We obtained Special Process Certification from Boeing.
Jul 11, 2016Challenge project
Toray Carbon Magic develops a sport prosthetic leg for top athletes.
- Three Japanese athletes use the leg as a new product. -
Jun 1, 2016Release
Obtainment of Nadcap Certification.
Feb 15, 2016Release
Toray Subsidiary Carbon Magic (Thailand) Opens New Plant.
Nov 1, 2015Information
Establishment of Kyoto Design Office
- To meet the increasing demands for CFRP part design analyses -
Oct 23, 2015Challenge project
The solar car fabricated by Tokai University took third place in the World Solar Challenge 2015.
Dec 5, 2014Release
New Factory of TCM is completed.
- To meet the increasing demand for CFRP parts. -
May 9, 2014Release
Toray to Enhance Production Capacity at Toray Carbon Magic and Carbon Magic (Thailand)
- To cater to increased demand for CFRP parts in Japan and Thailand -
Apr 5, 2014ReleaseChallenge project
Conclusion 2014 Super GT Series Partnership Contract.
Oct 11, 2013Challenge project
The solar car fabricated by Tokai University took second place in the World Solar Challenge 2013.
Oct 9, 2013Challenge project
The Shitamachi bobsleigh project completed a new model using a composite body developed and fabricated by TCM and released the model to the public.
Sep 1, 2013Challenge project
Tokay University completed a solar car using a composite body fabricated by TCM and released the machine to the public.
Apr 1, 2013Release
Toray to take over DOME CARBON MAGIC.
Mar 25, 2013Release
Announcement of Merger and Acquisition of DCM by Toray.
Jan 7, 2013Challenge project
Shitamachi Bobsleigh Debut win!
Nov 2, 2012Challenge project
Bobsleigh prototype for the Olympic Games completed.
Oct 20, 2011Challenge project
Today, Tokay University Solar Car Team took first place in the Solar Car Race across the Australian continent! DCM supports the team from the car body design and fabrication aspects.
Sep 5, 2011Information
Commercial sales of carbon wheels for motorcycles have started.
Aug 25, 2011Challenge project
Supports Tokai University Solar Car Team with the composite molding technique.
Jun 24, 2011Release
Developed the racing sport seat jointly.
Mar 2, 2011Information
Introduction of Carbon Composite Sunglass Frame.