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Dec 25, 2020

JEC Composites Magazine Special Prize Wining

The all-resin concept EV「ItoP」which has been launched on September in 2018 has won the JEC Innovation Award - JEC Composites Magazine Special Prize at JEC Korea Online 2020 by JEC group which is the leading international organization entirely dedicated to the promotion of the composite materials industry and of their applications.

This award was highly rated to perfectly fit with the Concept of 「ItoP」itself and the Composite Innovation Philosophy advocated by JEC in addition to promising innovation that opens up new paths and offers new perspectives for the composites industry.

The 「ItoP」is used the flexible tough polymer which developed in one of the ImPACT programs led by JST. It has the design for a futuristic car that can only be made from resin and performs very well. This project was shown to realize the potential of resins and composites.


JEC Korea web site:www.jec-korea.events
Innovation Award Ceremony:www.jeccomposites.com
Summary of「ItoP」:www.carbonmagic.com/en/challenge/