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Our Businesses

Speedy development in japan and effective mass production in thailand

Toray Carbon Magic researches and studies composite materials and technologies daily, plans a product to suit customer needs, designs and analyzes the product, makes a prototype and evaluates it, repeats trials and errors and improvements several times, and produces the product. We establish a quality assurance system to stably mass-produce products. We aim to develop creative and high-performance products rapidly by performing these processes successively. As a system to actualize the speedy development of high-performance products, we established a large flow to develop the product rapidly in Japan and mass-produce them effectively in Thailand.

Toray Carbon Magic(Development Center / Mother Factory)

Carbon Magic (Thailand)


We verify the benefits of applying carbon fiber composites (CFRP) to products and structures in many different fields besides automobiles, conducting testing and analyses as necessary for quantitative effect prediction.


We perform planning of detailed development specifications and development roadmaps to achieve the required objectives in terms of performance, function, and quality. Cost and productivity are among the other aspects that are considered. We then submit plans in an easy-to-understand format using illustrations, mock-ups, charts and so on.

Design and analysis

We combine the essence of styling design with functional beauty born from optimized design that makes full use of carbon fiber composites (CFRP) material technology and structural analysis technology to realize harmonious, high-quality monozukuri (manufacturing).

design and analysis equipment


Our facilities, which encompass all processes for full in-house manufacturing, coupled with our quick development capabilities honed through racing car development and our proprietary flexible prototyping system, enable faster product realization.

Production equipment

Mass production

We aim to reduce costs by optimum methods according to product characteristics, production quantity, and delivery date. Productivity is further improved through utilization of the capabilities of Carbon Magic Thailand (CMTH), a group company.

Mass production factory in Thailand


Inspection and evaluation of prototypes are also carried out by using appropriate methods from various viewpoints at facilities both within and outside the company. The findings are reflected to the next step promptly and accurately.

Quality assurance equipment