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One-stop development system that is supported by staff who know carbon fiber thoroughly and cutting-edge production equipment.

Carbon fiber is lighter than aluminum and stronger than iron. A carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) product is made up of carbon fiber and resin. There are many molding methods for CFRP products, such as autoclave, RTM, press, and SMC molding. Among the molding methods, we mainly use autoclave molding. Why do we adopt autoclave molding? Because autoclave molding has advantages over other molding methods in design flexibility and cost effectiveness. In the design and development phases of the CFRP product in which the ideal image of the product is pursued, autoclave molding is the most reasonable and feasible method of developing the product. We perform all processes from planning, development, design, trial production, manufacture, and mass production internally. Each process requires expertise specific to the composite material. By accumulating the expertise internally, we provide high-quality, high-performance products to suit customer needs.



  • Static Analysis
  • Impact Analysis
  • Laminate Modeling

Carbon fiber is material having a high degree of design flexibility. On the other hand, there are many design factors to be considered specific to the composite, such as anisotropy and lamination. We propose an optimal structure that can bring out the advantages of the carbon fiber by putting the simulation technique specialized in the composites and putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers.



  • Structure design
  • Process Planning
  • Selection of Material
  • Laminate Design
  • Molding and Jig tools Design

Based on the proposal, we select a structure and material with which the proposal can be actualized, design the lamination, and prepare drawings. Unlike metallic materials, composite materials have the specific design factors of bonding, connection, and lamination design. By utilizing the design expertise learned from the development of racing cars, we design the structure of the CFRP product that makes the most of the characteristics of the composite, such as the integration of parts and a hollow structure.


Mold production

  • Plaster mold
  • CFRP mold
  • Metaric mold

The design and fabrication of a mold are the keys to the creation of a high-precision, high-quality product. In addition to the design of the mold that makes the most of the characteristics of autoclave molding, we select a manufacturing method to ensure quality and productivity in consideration of mass production.



  • Mold Releasing Process
  • Material Cutting
  • Laminate
  • Vacuum
  • Curing
  • Demolding

With autoclave molding, a molded product is manufactured by cutting CFRP prepreg material according to the design, laminating the material in the mold, bagging the material, putting it in an autoclave, and setting the resin at a high temperature under high pressure. Autoclave molding is a method with a high degree of design flexibility. We are capable of producing high-quality molded products by making full use of the characteristics of carbon fiber.


Secondary processing

  • Trimming (robot, hand)
  • Drilling (robot, water jet)
  • Cutting (machining, laser, press, lathe)

The molded product released from the mold is bored and trimmed. Compared with a metallic product, processing of the composite product is difficult. We process the molded product using a cutting-edge water jet and machining center and our original techniques to suit your needs.



  • Assembly
  • Bonding

The CFRP molded product is completed by assembling it with other molded products and metallic parts as a finished product. In the manufacture of the CFRP molded product, the technique to connect parts is very important. We bond and connect the CFRP molded product by selecting the optimal methods from among the various bonding and connection methods using our expertise learned from the development of racing cars.



  • Deformation / Breakdown Test (Static load)
  • Fatigue Test
  • Impact Test
  • Temperature, Weather Resistant Test
  • Various Tests for costomers

The development of the CFRP product is not completed only by manufacturing the product. To verify whether the product has the prescribed performance as designed, we have various equipment to evaluate product performance, such as a tensile strength testers, fatigue testing machines, and test benches.



  • Painting
  • Cleaning
  • Coating
  • Spraying
  • Polishing

Many CFRP molded products, especially exterior parts, need painting and surface treatment to prevent deformation and discoloration and for design characteristics. Toray Carbon Magic delivers a product after selecting and applying optimal painting and surface treatment according to the application of the product, such as use for automobiles and aircraft, and the characteristics of the carbon composite.



  • 3D measurement(Laser)
  • Dimension(CMM)
  • Thickness(Ultrasonic wave)
  • Appearance (gloss, color difference)
  • Surface roughness
  • Ultrasonic wave
  • X-ray, soft X-ray
  • Frequency
  • Strength,Rigidity

The Quality Assurance Department performs a visual inspection, shape measurement with cutting-edge equipment, and nondestructive test with X-rays and ultrasonic waves in accordance with customer needs. We have acquired not only ISO 9001 certification but also JIS Q 9100, Nadcap, and Boeing certifications. We make efforts to comply with various quality control systems to assure product quality.

ANSYS / NX Nastran
GENESIS / OptiStruct
SCRYU / Tetra
Molding and Jig tools Design
Dressing Sim EX
Plaster mold
CFRP mold
Metaric mold
Three-dimensional warehouse
Auto clave
FRP Press machine
Cutting plotter
Clean room
Clean room
Layup room
Layup room
Layup room
5-axis modeling machine
machining center
trim robot
wire saw cutter
nc router
gantry type nc router
water jet
trim booth
trim booth
universal testing machine
fatigue testing machine
strength test machine
load testing
paint booth
screen print
Coating / Spraying
X-ray Inspection Equipment
X-ray Inspection Equipment
ultra sonic apparatus
ultra sonic apparatus
laser tracker
laser scanner
laser scanner
layout machine, surface plate
layout machine, surface plate
image measuring instrument