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Message from the President

We contribute to the global
environment through our
composite technologies.

We integrate the design and development technologies that have cultivated through years of racing car development and the CFRP and composite technologies that Toray has ingeniously developed and create high-performance and highly functional products that have new value in a break with preconceived ideas. We have satisfied the development needs of various fields and applications, such as automobiles, aircraft, robots, medical equipment, and sports equipment, created new technologies and ideas, and actualized many original and innovative products.


The development of these products, especially the products in the composite materials field, can be accomplished only by incorporating our professional and technical elements, such as materials, design, manufacturing methods, and evaluations, into one. The composite material technology is the only technology to actualize the ideas of engineers. We will promote research and development continuously to meet the needs of society and, in a board sense, contribute to the development of human beings and improvement of the global environment by refining the technology under development and applying the technology to various manufacturing processes.

President / Akiyoshi OkuAkiyoshi Oku

Management Philosophy

Contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products

Corporate Missions

We refine the original carbon composite technology in various fields and create new value based on the experiences and knowledge learned from the development of cutting-edge racing cars. We implement innovative manufacturing that makes the most of the performance and characteristics of carbon CFRP to provide high-quality products and services. We provide workplaces in which efforts are rewarded and fair opportunities to our employees so that they can reach their full potential. We fulfill our responsibilities as a member of society, try to gain society’s trust, and cooperate with society.