Apr 21, 2020

Introduction of the development for a large lighting equipment
with a CFRP structure at the dining of Raffles Hotel Singapore

We introduce the CFRP structure (Length overall : 20 meter) which support the large lighting equipment at the main dining named BODEGA of Raffles Hotel Singapore and corroborated with Asahi Building Wall (AGB) Co., Ltd..

In order to realize the image of a large hull floating in the air by the designer, the CFRP-based sandwich structure is fully constructed with lightweight and high-stiffness structure so it does not required any other suspensions from the ceiling or the floor. Although its structure is invisible from outside due to the decoration, it became a study case of materials, methods of constructions/manufacturing which embody a futuristic design concept.

We are also pleased to announce that this dining won the "Hotel Dining Category Best of Year 2019" by "Interior Design" magazine in the US.

*The CFRP structure is surrounded by yellow line in the below image pic.

CFRP structure