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Development Center / Mother Factory

215-1, Miyoshi, Maibara-shi, Shiga, 521-0023, Japan

By Train (Shinkansen train and conventional line)

Get off at Maibara Station. 12 minutes from the east entrance of Maibara Station by taxi. Give the address to the taxi driver as Toray Carbon Magic in Maibara Industrial Park.

By Car

Enter Hokuriku Expressway from Meishin Superhighway. Get off the expressway at the nearest IC, Maibara IC. Three minutes from the IC.

Kyoto Design Office

Kyoto Research Park Building 8-103, 90, Chudoji Awatacho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 600-8815, Japan

By Train (Shinkansen train and conventional line)

Change to JR Sagano Line (Sanin Linge) at Kyoto Station. Get off the train at Tanbaguchi Station. Eight minutes from the Tanbaguchi Station on foot.
(Turn to the left at the corner of 7-Eleven. Enter Building No. 8 through the main entrance.)
Ten minutes from Kyoto Station by taxi.

By Car

Twenty minutes from Kyoto-minami IC or Kyoto-higashi IC.