Jun 1, 2020

The running blades for top-athletes in Xiborg

We, Toray Carbon Magic, are supporting Xiborg which aims to see blade runners running fastest among all and we are contributing with the latest CFRP technology. The blades for short-distance runners have been optimized with the latest CFRP design analysis in order to embody the concept of Xiborg who is based on research and development to efficiently apply the athletes' leg-strength to move forward.

The products have been made with using high-performance CFRP pre-preg of Toray and autoclave technology to improve various issues.

In addition, CFRP structures that are required lightweight with large deformation are one of the most advanced composite technologies to secure both the strength and durability. We could have accumulated valuable data and processing know-how by developments. This unique technology has been spreading into other applications like a industrial and automotive fields.

The Paralympic Games have been postponed for one year, but we look forward to the further evolution and success of all athletes.

Toray Industries, Inc.:


Xiborg Genesis